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Germany and Austria implement repair bonuses

How do we make repair less expensive and therefore more attractive? In Austria and the German state of Thuringia, people can now be partially reimbursed when repairing a product thanks to a repair bonus.
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Microsoft launches ‘top secret’ Azure cloud region for US intelligence community

Microsoft continues to deliver on its pledge to provide cloud services to the US government that are compliant with all strengths of data classification
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IT leaders fear ‘trickle-down’ of nation-state cyber attacks

Three-quarters of IT decision-makers are concerned that the tactics, techniques and procedures used by nation-state attackers could be used against them
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MoD seeks security tech to harden military systems

The Defence and Security Accelerator has launched a programme to root out technology that will reduce the military’s exposure to cyber attacks
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Windows 365: Cloud PC pricing starts at £20

Will Microsoft change the way people buy PCs in much the same way that streaming services have revolutionised video subscription services?
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Research points to growing importance of secondary datacentre hubs across Europe in years to come

Datacentrepricing’s half-year look at the growth of the European datacentre market reinforces the rising importance of secondary datacentre hubs across the continent
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