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We offer EasyComp Electronic Point of Sale (EePOS) as an easy-to-install and use electronic cash register system. Our customized cash register system is designed for stores of all types and sizes. By focusing on simplicity, we can help you take care of boring accounting tasks! This way, you can fully focus on selling your products.

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Retail solutions

Start selling wherever your customers are

Boost your sales with EasyComp Electronic Point of Sale (EePOS)

EePOS makes it easy to sell in person, online, over the phone or in the field. It's easy to use, and no training is required. Add a synced online store, no coding required. Sell on Instagram and Facebook with a tap. Offer your customers local pickup, delivery, and shipping. Manage your entire business from one place.

Step to success

Add the required tools quickly and easily with EePOS OS hinzu

As your goals shift, you can quickly add tools that help your business, from managing team members to adding devices and locations, all with a few taps. Accept payments remotely with invoicing. Take payments over the phone and process them directly on your computer. Schedule, manage, and pay team members with Team Management. Sell at the counter, on the go, or online, so you never miss a sale.

Discover the power of EasyComp's customer management software

Improve your business with customer insights

Increase customer loyalty with powerful customer management software and better understand your customers with every card payment. Track preferences and purchases with customer profiles. Collect feedback from customers to improve their experience. Keep a card on file for faster, easier checkouts. Offer personalized and online gift cards.

Transform your retail experience with

EePOS Self-Checkout solutions

Self-service checkout is now a consumer expectation in most retail environments. EePOS has been playing a leading role in the evolution and innovation of Self-Checkout for over 10 years. After developing revolutionary solutions, it seemed only fitting to take the EePOS Retail technology product line to the next level.

The role of technology in improving human interaction

Customer Service 2.0

It's not about technology, but about people. That's the essential truth in any service industry. Technology is an enabler: it allows employees to connect with consumers and close the sale repeatedly, with greater efficiency and productivity.

We place your idea at the center of everything we do. We deliver digital solutions that transform your operations throughout the supply chain, so that every sales encounter adds value.

We are here for you!

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