This significantly extends the lifespan of your phone battery.

How long do you typically use an Apple or Samsung smartphone? Often, the contracts that come with such devices run for two years, after which you have the option to enter into a new contract with a device. This is a waste and far from sustainable; the device is typically still in good condition after two years. Only the phone's battery will typically have decreased in quality after two years. This does not mean that you have to replace the entire device; simply replacing the battery of your Samsung phone may be sufficient to keep going for some time. Not only is this sustainable, but it is also more cost-effective! Battery replacement can start from 30 euros, depending on the Samsung model you have.

Do smartphones ruin the bond with your child?

The still face experiment by Edward Tronick from the 1970s, in which a mother had to look emotionless at her crying baby for minutes, is now well known to many people. The research showed that not only presence and feeding are important for a close bond between parent and child, but also responding to the child's signals. In a recent study, baby expert Marion van den Heuvel studied how smartphones affect the bond between parent and child. In this blog article you can read more about her research.

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