Major security vulnerability discovered in popular 3CX desktop app, extensive explanation and summary.

This blog post discusses a security vulnerability discovered in the popular 3CX desktop app, a software used by many large businesses worldwide. The blog post begins by describing the official 3CX desktop app and how it is used as a replacement for traditional business phone lines. It then delves into the discovery of unexpected malicious activity originating from the 3CX desktop app by security analysts from CrowdStrike. The company's response to the discovery is criticized and the lack of preparedness of many large businesses for malware attacks is highlighted. The blog post continues with a technical explanation of how the security vulnerability works, including the presence of malicious DLL files and the encryption of malicious payloads. The severity of the security vulnerability is emphasized as it can affect hundreds or even thousands of companies using the 3CX desktop app.

The Flipper zero; It looks like a children's toy, but it's actually one of the most versatile hack tools ever!

The Flipper zero is a hacking tool that has recently gained a lot of attention on social media, where people show how they use it to change gas station signs, play store announcement systems, and open Tesla charging ports. Although it is legal, shipments of the Flipper zero have been seized in several countries due to concerns about its potentially harmful applications. This blog post explores the capabilities of the Flipper zero and discusses whether it really poses a risk to society or whether the fear is exaggerated.

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