The Services We Offer To You

EasyComp Zeeland is a unique ICT service provider, in Middelburg, where you can be confident that your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device will be repaired as quickly as possible and at a fair rate.

In addition to fixing computers and other devices, we also offer countless other services! For example, you can contact us for websites, apps, building network infrastructure, server solutions and when purchasing and installing a new device.

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want us to take care of your corporate network including all IT? Feel free to ask about the possibilities for a maintenance contract. After all, it is not about our wishes and limitations, but about your goal and above all the possibilities within your goal.

IT Outsourcing by easycomp zeeland
UPS Access Point™

You can come visit us from Monday to Saturday between 11:00 and 16:00 to send or pick up packages for UPS.

Our entrance is always closed, so ring the top doorbell.
No one present? It may sometimes occur that we are not at the office in which case you can call us on +31 (0)85 – 785 10 11.

We do NOT accept cash, but you can pay via Pin (Apple Pay & Android Pay), credit card and iDeal.

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Additional information about UPS Access Point™ services

UPS Access Point™
Opening hours
Mo – Su: 11:00 tot 16:00.
This is not a normal visit address and our main entrance is always closed. So ring the top doorbell.
It may sometimes take a while for the intercom connection to be established. so wait about 30 seconds until you hear someone speak.It may also happen that no one is present, we will make this clear and you should call us with our regular telephone number: +31 (0)85 – 785 10 11, we will then coordinate with you within what time you can still pick up or deliver the package.

It is NOT the intention to leave a package which needs to be sent on our doorstep.
We cannot then trace the package and offer the guarantee that the package might can be damaged or stolen.
Neither EasyComp Zeeland nor UPS are liable for loss and/or theft if you do so it is your own risk.

Additional services and programs;
UPS Services: Express, Standard & International
Programs: UPS Access Point Program,
Additional Services: UPS Returns®, Accepts Shipping Tickets

How We Proceed To Work For You
We strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide you with fast and efficient service.
Contact Us

You can call us at: +31 (0)85 - 785 10 11 or make an appointment via our appointment planner.

We Come To Your Home or Office

We look at the situation and make a quote for this. Of course, we explain everything to you in an understandable language.


We are carrying out the work as is agreed. If everything is completed to your liking, you will receive an invoice with a payment link.

We Use A++ Quality Parts
Low Rates & Fast Repair Services
At EasyComp Zeeland we offer help for a fair price, so you never pay too much. With us, you will not receive research costs or other excuses to make more money from you.
Average Duration Per Repair
Satisfied Customers
Devices Repaired By Month
Here are some of the most asked questions.

How long does an average repair take?

This depends on the type of service that needs to be performed. In most repair cases, we are often ready within 30 minutes.

Do I get a warranty?

Of course, this is, after all, stipulated by law. If you order a system or hardware from us, you will receive a two-year factory warranty. On all repair services you get a one month warranty.

Am I losing data from my device?

Usually not, provided we indicate this emphatically. We hereby give you the opportunity to store important documents, photos, etc. elsewhere.

Is my data secure with you?

Yes, we are not interested in your personal documents. We even ask you to unlock your device/computer, because we don’t even want to know your password!

Do you have any questions?
Send a message!

before-after before-after
Before & After

At EasyComp Zeeland we repair your device, did you know that this often much cheaper than buying a new device?

We Use A++ Quality Parts

We only use parts of the best quality. This makes your device like new again!

Leaders in the Repair Sector
For 13 years EasyComp Zeeland has been a household name, not only do we provide service in the province but also outside it.
Repair warranty
If you order a system or hardware from us, you will receive a two-year factory warranty. On all repair services you get a one month warranty.
Experienced Specialists At Work

The specialist will work to solve the problems or carry out the repair. Step by step, the Specialist will go through the process with you. At the end of the appointment, not only is your device fast and up-to-date again, you also know how to solve certain problems yourself.

EasyComp Blog

Through our blog you will stay up to date with the latest developments within the ICT sector and within our company. We regularly post interesting tips, facts and news.

Apple's iOS 14 update is finally bringing widgets and picture-in-picture features to the iPhone
By S.A.C. Abdel Nasser
June 24th, 2020
We are creating an DIY or pre-build Arcade Cabinet one which looks modern, but it's robust as it's older predecessor.
By S.A.C. Abdel Nasser
June 10th, 2020
My computer spontaneously failed after showing a blue screen, due to a problem with the built-in video card. According to another computer store in Middelburg, this could not be fixed. And I would have been better off with a new computer. However, thanks to EasyComp Zeeland there is a new video card in it and my computer works fine again!
Dhr. BrouwerMiddelburg
The service provided is excellent! We have been a regular customer of EasyComp Zeeland for a number of years. On the last visit, we had the problem that our computer no longer turned on. We thought it couldn’t be repaired anymore, on the contrary in just half an hour it worked as normal!
Dhr. ReininkVlissingen
Voor ons café waren we op zoek naar een muziek systeem, daarvoor kwamen we uit bij EasyComp Zeeland. Die leverde het systeem en binnen 3 uur werkte alles perfect! Het is zelfs mogelijk om op diverse beeldschermen door de hele ruimte videobeelden te laten zien.
EasyComp Zeeland realized for us the website of my own company; Varicose vein Therapy Zeeland. We were also helped with other services very satisfied! Whether it was a problem with the Internet or our computer. Usually they were ready within a few hours!
Spatader Therapie ZeelandMiddelburg
Voor mijn winkel wilde ik een nieuwe fris ogende website waarbij ik eenvoudig zelf content kan aanpassen zonder de kennis van website code taal. Dankzij de visuele ontwerper van EasyComp Zeeland, ben ik zelf in controle over de inhoud van mijn website.
R.A. TelecomMiddelburg
From our headquarters in Luxembourg, our company has opened a number of branches in the Netherlands in the past year. For this we were looking for a telephone exchange whereby people can call usl us from the Netherlands with a dutch phone number  and be diverted to customer service in Luxembourg at no extra costs to our customers.
BV Capital PartnersLuxemburg
Geweldige service en zeer betaalbaar echt super. het is een aanrader om EasyComp Zeeland in te schakelen voor uw mac-problemen
Mevr. BarkeyKrabbendijke
Bij EasyComp Zeeland ben ik Fantastisch geholpen via een remote verbinding. Alle tijd en heel geduldig, duidelijke uitleg!
Mevr. van DaalenWaalwijk
EasyComp Zeeland is voor mij perfect zoals ze alles oplossen, men blijft net zolang bezig dat het lukt en geeft goed uitleg.
Dhr. van LomwelOost-Souburg