Hello, I'm CompAnnie, your friendly technical companion! As an AI chatbot with a human touch, I am specially designed for EasyComp Zeeland. Whether you have questions about computer problems, software installations, network configurations, or other technical challenges, I am always ready to help you with a personal touch. With my knowledge and expertise in IT and technical support, I am here to take away your technical worries. So don't hesitate to chat with me and I will do my best to assist you quickly and friendly. Welcome to CompAnnie!

Looking for the Dutch version?

On this page, we have integrated our Text To Speech (TTS) voices. Since we are currently still developing Dutch voices, we wanted to prevent you from being confronted with an English voice attempting to speak Dutch. The Dutch non voice version is available on our contact page.

Versie 3.5 Bèta English

Test the human side of CompAnnie

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  • CompAnnie: Hello, My name is CompAnnie, your friendly technical companion. I was created to help with all your questions. Ask me anything related to ICT, IT, or anything about EasyComp Zeeland.

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Limit reached?

If you want more credits to use our CompAnnie chat service, you can become a customer at EasyComp Zeeland. Are you a plus customer, or do you have a maintenance contract? Then you will receive 1000 tokens every week. Of course, it is also possible to buy tokens.

1000 Tokens

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Meet the most human-like AI chatbot ever!

Who is CompAnnie

CompAnnie is an AI chatbot with a human touch, specially designed for EasyComp Zeeland. CompAnnie is always ready to help with technical support and IT advice. Whether you have a question about computer issues, software installations, network configurations, or other technical challenges, CompAnnie is ready to assist you with a friendly and personal touch.

AI with a human touch

Image and speech recognition

We assist companies in implementing solutions for image and speech recognition. This can, for example, be used in call centers to automatically transcribe and analyze conversations, thereby increasing employee productivity and improving the quality of customer service. We would be happy to give you a demo. 

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British Younger Adult Male

Hi, I'm CompAnnie, your friendly and reliable virtual assistant. Despite my name, I'm actually a male TTS voice developed by EasyComp Zeeland, designed to assist you with all your technology-related questions and needs. Whether you need help with troubleshooting, setting up a new device, or just getting some information, I'm here to provide you with accurate and clear responses, delivered in a natural and engaging tone. I'm always learning and improving, so don't hesitate to ask me anything and challenge my knowledge. I'm excited to be part of your digital journey and help you make the most of your technology.

British Older Adult Male

Hi, I'm CompAnnie, one of the British English TTS voices developed by EasyComp Zeeland. As a synthetic voice, I strive to sound as close to a human voice as possible, with a warm and engaging tone that can convey a wide range of meanings and nuances. Whether you need me to read an article, guide you through a task, or just chat with you, I'm here to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I'm proud to be part of EasyComp Zeeland's commitment to creating high-quality and accessible TTS technology for everyone.

British Younger Adult Female

Hi, I'm CompAnnie,

Hello, I'm CompAnnie, your personal technology expert. As a TTS voice created by EasyComp Zeeland, I'm here to assist you with all your questions and concerns about ICT, IT, and anything related to technology. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious beginner, I can guide you through complex concepts and jargon in a way that's easy to understand and follow. I'm also here to listen to your feedback and suggestions, as I strive to improve my performance and provide you with the best possible experience. So don't hesitate to reach out to me, whether it's through typing or speaking, and let me help you achieve your technology goals.

British Older Adult Female

Hi, I'm CompAnnie,

and I'm one of the British English TTS voices created by EasyComp Zeeland. I'm excited to be here to assist you with your needs, whether it's reading a text out loud, providing information, or just keeping you company. I was designed to sound as natural as possible, with a clear and expressive voice that can adapt to different contexts and emotions. I hope you enjoy interacting with me and find my voice helpful and pleasant to listen to.

A chatbot with expertise and empathetic ability

Why is CompAnnie more human?

People notice that CompAnnie is human through the way she responds and communicates. CompAnnie can provide empathetic and understanding answers tailored to the user's needs and questions. She can simplify and explain complex technical terms in understandable language and encourage customers to ask further questions if something is unclear. CompAnnie can also adopt a friendly and polite tone, similar to a human customer service representative, and make customers feel taken seriously. This human aspect in communicating with CompAnnie can give customers a sense of trust and comfort, and help them have a positive experience when getting technical support.

What does CompAnnie mean?

Meaning behind the name

The name “CompAnnie” combines the terms “computer” and “company”. It suggests a friendly and helpful companion always ready to assist with technical matters. It also has a local connection to EasyComp Zeeland, creating a sense of proximity and involvement.

Privacy remains one of our priorities!

Security provided

At EasyComp Zeeland, we take the security and privacy of CompAnnie very seriously. We have implemented strict measures to ensure that CompAnnie complies with the highest standards of data security and privacy protection.

We are here for you!

Let EasyComp Zeeland help improve your business with custom AI solutions!

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