Right to repair

“We are people, we are repairers, we are sustainability activists, we are a community.”

We believe that products should last longer and therefore be repairable in case of a defect. This requires products to be designed for repair and support for all types of repairers.

“We demand the right to repair.”

The world is being destroyed because companies keep consumers blind to the truth!

We'll FIX Things!

“E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Only 15-20% is recycled.”

Annually, 53 million tons of e-waste is generated, which is equivalent to 350 cruise ships worth of electronics.

Community restoration prevents waste, saves CO2, and restores hearts!

What we want

Stand up for your right to repair! What do we expect from policymakers?

Good design

Products should not only be designed to perform, but also to last and be repaired when necessary. To create products that are easily repairable, we need design practices that support ease of disassembly.

Our short-term goal: EU legislation sets minimum design requirements to ensure easy disassembly and replacement of key components, starting with smartphones, laptops, and other IT products.

Fair access

Repair should be accessible, affordable, and mainstream. This means that repairing a product should not cost more than buying a new product. Legal barriers should not prevent individuals, independent repairers, and community repair groups from fixing broken products. We want a universal right to repair: everyone has access to spare parts and repair manuals for the entire lifespan of a product.

Our short-term goal: The legal framework for access to spare parts and repair information for repairers should be established in national registers that are fair and inclusive, and independent of manufacturers.

Informed consumers

Citizens want to know if their products are built to be repaired or intended to be disposable upon breaking. Information about the repairability of products should be made available at the time of purchase to both citizens and repairers.

Our short-term goal: The EU is introducing a score system for repairability as part of the existing energy label for all energy-consuming products.

Why do we want the right to repair?

The problem is simple. The products we use on a daily basis are becoming increasingly difficult to repair. E-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world, with phone and laptop manufacturers making their products harder to repair. And it's not just digital devices – the amount of household appliances that fail within 5 years of purchase is also skyrocketing.

We've had enough. Across every metric – emissions, social impact, waste – this can't continue. So we're doing something about it. We want the right to repair.

What is the right to repair?

Although we are a relatively young campaign in Europe, the right to repair has long been a concern for many thousands of independent repairers, community repair groups, and citizens around the world.

In 2019, the EU adopted new regulations that for the first time introduce repairability criteria for a first set of new devices sold in Europe starting from March 2021. Last year, the European Commission committed to realizing the “Right to Repair” and is slowly working on regulations for electronic devices and other products.

This is a good start, but we need a lot more. Europe is a great place to advocate for a universal right to repair and ambitious policies to achieve it, including all products and open to everyone, not just professional repairers.

We are here for you!

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