The AI Hype: Buzzword or Reality?

In recent years, the term "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) has made a significant rise in both the media and the business world. From smart voice assistants to self-driving cars, AI seems to be everywhere. But what does AI actually mean? And is it really as new as people think, or has it become a buzzword with more marketing value than technological substance?

A New Chapter Begins: The Reopening of EasyComp Shop!

Discover the exciting reopening of EasyComp Shop, the online mega store for IT and ICT. With an extensive range, easy navigation, and expert advice, EasyComp Shop offers everything tech enthusiasts are looking for. The revamped website promises great deals, fast delivery, and secure payment options. Come and celebrate the reopening with special discounts on laptops, computers, gadgets, and more. EasyComp Shop: where reliability and technology come together.

Repairing MacBooks: The Secrets of the Sleep Sensor Revealed

Nerd Tool calibrating the sleep sensor

Modern MacBooks have complex repair issues, especially when it comes to the sleep sensor, which is crucial to their proper functioning. This sensor needs to be calibrated, but Apple only offers the required calibration tool to authorised service providers. This creates challenges for independent repairers. This blog highlights recent developments around an innovative solution, the “Nerd Tool One,” which significantly simplifies the calibration process and addresses the right to repair discussion.

This significantly extends the lifespan of your phone battery.

How long do you typically use an Apple or Samsung smartphone? Often, the contracts that come with such devices run for two years, after which you have the option to enter into a new contract with a device. This is a waste and far from sustainable; the device is typically still in good condition after two years. Only the phone's battery will typically have decreased in quality after two years. This does not mean that you have to replace the entire device; simply replacing the battery of your Samsung phone may be sufficient to keep going for some time. Not only is this sustainable, but it is also more cost-effective! Battery replacement can start from 30 euros, depending on the Samsung model you have.

The Flipper zero; It looks like a children's toy, but it's actually one of the most versatile hack tools ever!

The Flipper zero is a hacking tool that has recently gained a lot of attention on social media, where people show how they use it to change gas station signs, play store announcement systems, and open Tesla charging ports. Although it is legal, shipments of the Flipper zero have been seized in several countries due to concerns about its potentially harmful applications. This blog post explores the capabilities of the Flipper zero and discusses whether it really poses a risk to society or whether the fear is exaggerated.

Do smartphones ruin the bond with your child?

The still face experiment by Edward Tronick from the 1970s, in which a mother had to look emotionless at her crying baby for minutes, is now well known to many people. The research showed that not only presence and feeding are important for a close bond between parent and child, but also responding to the child's signals. In a recent study, baby expert Marion van den Heuvel studied how smartphones affect the bond between parent and child. In this blog article you can read more about her research.

iPhone 15: wat weten we al over de nieuwe smartphone van Apple?

Apple staat bekend om zijn innovatieve en populaire iPhones, die elk jaar weer miljoenen mensen over de hele wereld aanspreken. In 2023 verwachten we de lancering van de iPhone 15, de opvolger van de iPhone 14 die in 2022 uitkwam. Wat kunnen we verwachten van dit nieuwe toestel? In dit blog bericht zetten we de belangrijkste geruchten en lekken voor je op een rijtje.

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