Apple Vision Pro: A revolutionary device for the future of spatial computing, VR and AR.

At the recent WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple unveiled a groundbreaking product: Apple Vision Pro. This advanced device marks a new step in spatial computing and offers unprecedented performance, immersion and capabilities. Let's have a closer look at what Apple Vision Pro has to offer and how it will change the future of technology.

The most advanced display ever

Apple Vision Pro is equipped with a unique display that offers unparalleled image quality. Featuring a micro-OLED Apple Silicon backplane, which fits 64 pixels into the space of one iPhone pixel, Vision Pro has a whopping 23 million pixels spread over two small panels. This results in a resolution and colour reproduction you've never seen before. In addition, the display is designed so that the pixels disappear and create a seamless image, giving you an unparalleled viewing experience.

Revolutionary Sound with Spatial Audio

Apple Vision Pro offers an all-new Spatial Audio experience. The integrated dual-driver audio system ensures that sound feels natural and seems to come from the surrounding space. Whether you enjoy entertainment or participate in a video conference, the sound is immersive and lifelike.

Powerful Apple Silicon chips and visionOS

The technology behind Apple Vision Pro is as impressive as the device itself. It uses two powerful Apple Silicon chips: the Apple M2 chip for unprecedented computing power and the R1 chip for real-time sensor processing. These chips work in harmony with visionOS, the specially developed operating system designed for spatial computing. VisionOS allows developers to create new and innovative apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities of Apple Vision Pro.

Privacy and security first

Apple always values privacy and security, and so does Apple Vision Pro. With Optic ID, a secure authentication system based on your iris, your device is securely unlocked, and your personal information remains encrypted and locally on the device. Plus, there's rigorous privacy features built in, preventing apps from tracking what you're looking at and only receiving results when you tap your fingers.

The future of spatial computing

Apple Vision Pro is not just another new product, it marks the beginning of an entirely new spatial computing platform. Developers can tap into the capabilities of visionOS and create new apps that push the boundaries of interaction and immersion. Apps like Complete HeartX, JigSpace, and Stages allow students, designers, and businesses to capitalize on the unprecedented capabilities of spatial computing.


Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary device that represents the future of spatial computing. With its advanced display, spatial audio, powerful chips and specially designed operating system, it offers unprecedented performance and capabilities. Developers will have the opportunity to innovate and create new apps that will transform the way we experience technology. With Apple Vision Pro, Apple is setting a new standard in spatial computing and opening the door to a world of unprecedented possibilities.

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