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Cloud Computing

Switch completely to the cloud and you'll become free of maintenance costs and benefit from over 100 one-click installed applications.

Service Included

What do we do?!

We enable our customers to innovate, design and deliver superior quality products that are ready for the future.

Strategic approach in the best cloud solutions

We bring advanced DevOps expertise to configure the right automated CI/CD pipeline on our own EasyComp Cloud platform, AWS, Azure, and GCP. Work with us to get apps on board quickly by automating the delivery pipeline and facilitating CI/CD on cloud platforms.

Experience in industry

We were born into the cloud business and we have in-depth industry experience to help you migrate and manage your environments across public and hybrid cloud platforms. Develop an end-to-end framework for your cloud initiatives together with us.

Cloud architects

Our cloud operations team of cloud engineers supports all your CloudOps requirements 24 hours a day to accelerate your business growth. We have expertise in cloud technologies, health technologies, data technologies, share technologies, smart technologies and Social technologies.

Domain knowledge

We can help you with configuration management, compliance policies, performance optimization, and meeting SLA requirements. Enable continuous cloud ecosystem optimization with our CloudOps services.

How do we proceed?!

EasyComp Zeeland is a leading cloud operations services company that provides advanced CloudOps services to help you gain a competitive advantage. Simplify infrastructure management and reduce disruption risks with our highest quality CloudOps services.

By working with us, you get access to proven and proven architectural roadmap options, scalable and secure platform engineering, comprehensive digital transformation, and new open-source technology adoptions.

Digital transformation

We accelerate your move to the cloud with coherent cloud strategies, business cases, assessment, planning, and lagging priorities. Experience next-gen products that deliver the transformative benefits of digitization.

Platform Engineering

We specialize in the digital space to help you develop, design and develop differentiated platforms with the latest technology stack. Embrace platform-based transformation with our outlined strategies and custom capabilities.

Quality & Automation

We strive to improve test efficiency, improve software quality, and automate quality processes to build a CI/CD pipeline that delivers predictable, high-quality product updates.

Tailor-made for your business

We are trusted by startups as well as small, medium and large enterprises.

Dedicated support

24/7 support with well-defined SLAs that keep your custom software running.

Protection of intellectual property

The intellectual property of the tailor-made cloud solution that we develop for you is yours.

Free domain



100% Uptime warranty

Easy-to-use control panel

Free website builder

SSL Certificates

Transfer Website & Domain

Our software development process

We design responsive UX based on design thinking principles, travel maps, information architecture, prototyping and more to transcend your product image ideas into pixel-perfect designs.


We start by discussing and analyzing our customer's needs, sketching the contours of the desired software, identifying gaps, and proposing solutions along the way.


Our in-house creative UI/UX team designs an intuitive interface for your end-user software applications.

Software development and coding

We take your idea through our streamlined software development process. Tailor the product to your exact technical and design specifications.

Testing and Quality Control

We apply strict quality standards to ensure that your software is built to specifications and provides trouble-free software editing.

Rollout and support

Our team is experienced in planning the deployment of complex software systems and then providing the technical support to keep those systems running

Our software development process

We offer tailor-made software development services at different price levels, depending on the size and requirements of your software project.

Technical complexity

Complex design specifications and advanced job requirements make the software development process complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Third-party integrations

Integration with third-party software systems, such as payment gateways, cards, ERPs or CRMs, also affects the cost of software development.

Features and functionalities

The number of features you want is the largest cost drivers. Screens, buttons, fields involved, the amount of logic needed can drastically change the cost.

Custom design

Custom user interfaces are quite complex to design and deploy accurately. Therefore, they often cause the cost of software development to increase.

More information or a quote?

Tell us about your project and we will come back to you with a realistic cost estimate for your project.

EasyComp Cloud is verhuisd...

EasyComp Cloud, onderdeel geworden van EasyComp Host, onze all-in-one hostingprovider.

Our backstory

Since the beginning of SCompService Zeeland, Now about 15 years ago. We are engaged in everyday digitization for both home, on the road and in the office.

Of course, technology has come a long way since then and the variety of information objects we manage has changed a lot, but one principle has remained constant: we have always focused on the intersection of people, processes and information. As a pioneer in Intelligent Information Management, we help organisations put their information to work.

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