How we go to work

We strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide you with fast and efficient service.
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    Contact Us

    Make an appointment with one of our specialists. You can call us on: + 31 (0) 85-785 10 11 or send a message via our contact form.

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    Our visit

    We will visit you, view the situation and make a quotation. Of course we explain everything in an understandable language.

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    Performing the job

    We carry out the work discussed, we look at efficiency.

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    If everything is done as desired and the work is executed, you will receive an invoice with a payment link. This allows you to easily fulfill your invoice via iDeal or credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might want to get an answer to?

1. How long does it take to get the work done?

This depends on the type of issue that needs to be fixed. In most repair cases we are already done within 2 hours.

2. Do I get warranty?

Of course, this is determined by law. If you are buying a system or hardware of ours, you will receive a two-year warranty. On all repair services you get one month warranty.

3. Do I lose files from my device?

Usually not, except when we explicitly state this. We will provide you with the opportunity to make a backup of important documents, photos e.t.c.

4. Are my files & data safe?

Yes, we are not interested in your personal documents. We even ask you to unlock your device/computer, because we do not even want to know your password!


Our customers opinion
Are you a customer? Write a review!
Mr. Brouwer


``My computer spontaneously dropped out after showing a blue screen, due to a problem with the built-in video card. According to another computer shop in Middelburg, this could not be repaired. And I would have been better off with a new computer. However, thanks to EasyComp Zeeland there is a new video card in it and my computer works fine again! ``
Varicose vein Therapy Zeeland


``EasyComp Zeeland realised for us the website of my own company; Varicose vein Therapy Zeeland. We we are also extremely satisfied with other services! Whether it was a problem with the Internet or our computer. Usually they solved the issue within a few hours! ``
Mrs. Barkey


``Great service and very affordable. Super. Is a must to call EasyComp Zeeland for your Mac problems. ``
Mr. Reinink


``The service provided is excellent! We have been a regular customer at EasyComp Zeeland for several years. At the last visit, we had the problem that our computer no longer turned on. We thought it could not be repaired anymore, on the contrary in just half an hour, it worked again as normal! ``
R.A. Telecom


``For my shop I wanted a new fresh-eye website where I can easily customize content without the knowledge of website code language. Thanks to the visual designer of EasyComp Zeeland, I myself am in control of the content on my website. ``
Mrs. van Daalen


``At EasyComp Zeeland I have been fantastically helped via FB Messenger. All the time and very patient, clear explanations! ``


``For our cafe we were looking for a music system, therefore we came in contact with EasyComp Zeeland. That delivered the system within 3 hours everything works perfectly! It's even possible to display video footage on various displays throughout the entire building. ``
BV Capital Partners


``From our main office in Luxembourg, our company has opened a number of shops in the Netherlands over the past year. To make this more efficiently we searched for a managed Office solution that allows us to access the same network, documents and Office applications from anywhere! ``

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