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Tablet Repair

Tablets aren't just a gadget these days, but they've become a necessity. That is why we offer EasyComp Zeeland the best tablet repair services!

Service Included

Specialists in the field of tablet repair

Effective Tablet Repairs

We cover all kinds of repairs related to your device below an overview of the most common reparates:

  • Broken glass plate
  • LCD damage
  • A rapidly draining battery
  • Water damage
  • Charging port replacement
  • Faulty camera
  • Faulty home button, volume button and power button
  • Tablet that can't be turned on
  • Motherboard repair
  • Replacement of the housing

Enterprise data catalog

An enterprise data catalog (EDC) is a single source for all the information needed to work effectively with data.

Unlike embedded data catalogs that see only a limited range of data and typically support a single cataloguing usage case – governance, data preparation, self-service analytics, etc.– the EDC knows about all your data, from original sources to analytics-ready data, and supports all use cases throughout the data lifecycle. In addition, the company catalog uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously expand data knowledge and gather knowledge about changes in the ever-evolving data source.

Snelle efficiënte service tegen ongelooflijk Kosteneffectieve prijzen

Our high-quality low cost tablet repair services give rise to a huge business opportunity for your business. Today, we are the backbone of more than 60 IT dealers and resellers offering Tablet services across the country.

Chip-Level of Component Level reparaties betekent het diagnosticeren en repareren van fouten tot IC- en componentniveau, waardoor de laagste reparatiekosten mogelijk zijn voor tablets of mobiele telefoons.

We can hardly imagine it today, a world without these advanced electronic devices. At EasyComp Zeeland, your tablet has been repaired for a short time.

If your tablet is damaged and looking for a specialist to fix the problem and restore your device? Look no further, at EasyComp Zeeland we have a team of experts to help you with your iPad or any other brand of tablet.

We fix many different issues of all brands of tablets.

The display and battery replacement does not take more than 30 to 60 minutes and can also be done on site.

Except for damage to the motherboard or other problems such as: water damage or not turning on the device etc. These repairs usually require more time, we will therefore take the device with us for repair, you can also deliver the device to us by appointment.


Depending on the type of support you need, there are various options, we will visit you or help you remotely via a secure encrypted connection. 

Yes, we do this for business as well as private customers. We will visit you and look at your situation, which we hang together with your wishes.  Based on this, we give you appropriate advice. 

We are happy to visit you to explain our process to you, go through steps and make a price appointment. All you have to do is contact us. We will make an appointment immediately.

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