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Smartphone Repair

A crack in your screen, buttons that stop responding, or does your device stop charging? At EasyComp Zeeland we repair your device, often this is cheaper than buying a new device. We only use the best quality parts. This will make your device as new again!

Service Included

We carry out every smartphone repair with the utmost care.

We Use A++ Quality Parts

We only use the best quality parts. This will make your device as new again!

Repair warranty

On all repair services you get a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on the replacement part. 

Experienced Specialists At Work

The specialist will work to solve the problems or carry out the repair. Step by step, the Specialist will go through the process with you.

How easily does it happen that your new and expensive smartphone or iPhone breaks down. One of the most common defects is a broken or cracked display or screen.

A broken display often makes it at least partially impossible to use your phone. The most cost-effective solution is to have the phone repaired. When done professionally, there is virtually none noticeable with the original state of the smartphone. We work with the utmost care on your smartphone.

Why EasyComp Zeeland?

We have been providing repair services for over ten years. Thanks to our extensive experience and professional service, we can offer your smartphone repair services at affordable rates.

Are you looking for expert, fast repair services for smartphones?
Do you need water damage, screen replacement, screen repair or battery repair? We make sure your device is in safe hands and repaired by an expert Professional who is knowledgeable and knows the task direction. No matter what device you have, nothing is complicated for us. We also make sure you get a low price for mobile phone repair services.

At the end of the appointment, not only is your device fast and up-to-date again, you also know how to solve certain problems yourself.


This depends on the type of command to be executed. In most repair cases, we are often ready within 30 minutes.

Usually not, provided we explicitly indicate this. We hereby give you the opportunity to secure important documents, photos.c, etc. elsewhere.

Yes, we are not interested in your personal documents. We even ask you to unlock your device/computer, because we don't even want to know your password!

We are happy to visit you to explain our process to you, go through steps and make a price appointment. All you have to do is contact us. We will make an appointment immediately.

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