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ICT and IT Outsourcing

EasyComp Zeeland takes care of your IT, so that you can focus on the core tasks of your company! 

Many companies now choose to outsource their IT to reap the benefits 

Service Included

What do we do?!

Although IT is one of the most dependent departments of any business, recruiting and managing an internal IT team involves a high investment. IT Outsourcing Services have a multitude of business benefits, and many companies now outsource their business IT support to a specialized provider to enable them to provide faster, scalable, and flexible IT support compared to an in-house IT team.

Take advantage of the cost savings compared to an internal team of IT professionals

Volgens wereldwijd onderzoek van Leonne International bezuinigt een derde van de bedrijven op hun IT-budget om de effecten van COVID-19 te beheersen. Meer dan ooit zijn bedrijven op zoek naar manieren om de kosten te verlagen en tegelijkertijd de efficiëntie te verhogen en manieren te verkennen om hun it-ondersteuningsvereisten voor bedrijven uit te besteden. Om u hierbij te helpen, hebben we een reeks flexibele uitbestede IT-ondersteuningscontracten ontworpen om uw zakelijke behoeften te ondersteunen, zowel op kantoor als voor degenen die op afstand werken, en om onze service-uren aan te passen aan 07:00 tot 21:00 uur om langere werkdagen aan te kunnen.

What is outsourced IT Support?

Outsourced IT support is a fully outsourced IT service that we offer to companies that want to outsource all or part of their business IT needs. Whether that's managing all areas of their business IT support or you're looking for IT Outsourcing Services for specific projects together with your internal IT team.
EasyComp Zeeland is one of the leading IT Outsourcing companies in the industry and works for more than 1000 organizations in the European Union that offer outsourced IT support. We have a diverse customer base, ranging from fast-growing start-ups, SMEs to established larger companies, including well-known international national chains.

What services do we offer?

IT support
Provide of unlimited IT support to your business with the option of 24/7 coverage for out-of-hours and weekends

Network support
We manage the performance of your network, servers, IT infrastructure and cloud set-up

Specialist IT consultancy
We have a dedicated IT consultancy team to help with specialized projects and Digital Transformation

IT Security Consultancy
Specialist IT Security and GDPR Consultancy

Microsoft Cloud
specialists in all Microsoft applications, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics 365

IT support 24/7 365 days a year

Moving your IT from an internal team to an outsourced provider ensures that your IT systems, software and hardware are fully managed by us. Our 24/7 proactive monitoring detects 24/7 performance issues within your corporate network to avoid disruption and unnecessary downtime.

How do we proceed?!

We believe that no two companies work the same, we will make agreements with you to understand how your business works and build a customized outsource IT Support package that now works for you and for your future business development plans.

EasyComp Zeeland outsourced IT support for more than 1000 organizations in Europe. We have a diverse customer base, ranging from fast-growing start-ups, SMEs to established larger companies, including well-known national chains.
Our Service Desk has many industry accreditations, including seven Microsoft Gold partnership competencies. Included in all our outsourced IT support contracts is unlimited remote IT support, so all employees within your company have full access to our service desk when they need help.

Fast response times

Whether your set-up a ticket or calling the service desk, your questions are usually answered in less than 10 minutes.


Cost-effective support

Unlimited access to our Dutch, British and German-language Service Desk for a fixed monthly fee.

Specialist expertise

All engineers are certified by our suppliers such as Microsoft, Dell Technologies and many others. A complete overview can be found on the page about EasyComp Zeeland.


No hidden costs

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71% opt for a contract from the first contact, for a fixed rate.

Service Desk Performance

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We will help you as soon as possible, our average call response time is about 5 minutes.

Customer satisfaction


You will receive dedicated account manager assigned to you as a point of contact. 

Are you considering switching from IT outsourced support provider?

Whether you're considering switching from your existing IT provider or freeing up resources within your existing IT team, finding the right outsourced Support Partner you can rely on is essential, and there can be many things to consider before moving to a new provider. You may think that switching from your current outsourced IT Support company can be a daunting and complex process, but this doesn't have to be the case. Our experts will make the on-boarding process of new users seamless and effective.


Unser Team stellt sicher, dass Ihr IT-Netzwerk und Ihre IT-Infrastruktur für Ihr Unternehmen optimiert sind und 24 Stunden am Tag effizient arbeiten. Wir überwachen die Leistung mit den neuesten Tools und Technologien, um uns auf potenzielle Fehler aufmerksam zu machen, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Unternehmen minimal gestört wird. ...

Service and technical advice

Our service and technical advisors have a wealth of experience in delivering service management and infrastructure services, using our internal capabilities and partners to improve performance and turn your IT services into a business-oriented enterprise.


Our system integration services enable our customers to provide seamless and secure experiences for their customers and citizens, from the back office to the front office.

Cost optimization

We only give honest advice, so we come up with reviews that deliver significant cost savings and quick benefits.

Rollout and support

Our team is experienced in planning the deployment of systems and then providing the technical support to keep those systems running

We take over all your worries

Outsourcing IT can be done in different ways. You can outsource your current IT environment 'as is' to us. But in that case, you do not make use of the possibilities to optimize your environment based on our best practices. You go a step further if you not only optimize the IT support of your current processes, but when you look together with EasyComp Zeeland for opportunities to use IT even better to achieve your business objectives. In that case, we also think along about innovation. Together with you, we develop a roadmap for the digital transformation of your organization.

No matter which variant you choose, your organization is always central. If you have your own data center that has not yet been depreciated, we offer our services at your location as a managed service. And if you would like to place your services in the cloud, you have the choice whether you do so in easycomp Zeeland's Dutch data centers, or whether you choose the public cloud.

And of course a combination is also possible. We can make a quotation for all scenarios, with a clear explanation of the consequences of certain choices. This way, you can make a good trade-off between costs and flexibility.

More information or a quote?

Tell us about your project and we will come back to you with a realistic cost estimate for your project.

Our backstory

Since the beginning of SCompService Zeeland, Now about 15 years ago. We are engaged in everyday digitization for both home, on the road and in the office.

Of course, technology has come a long way since then and the variety of information objects we manage has changed a lot, but one principle has remained constant: we have always focused on the intersection of people, processes and information. As a pioneer in Intelligent Information Management, we help organisations put their information to work.

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