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What We Do

"The first step in exceeding your expectations, our customer is to get to know your expectations"

Software Solutions

As Zeeuws software tailor-made development company, we make software that is strong from the Core!

Cyber Security

We consider your digital security and privacy! With our cyber security expertise, you can assume that you are safe online.

Back-up & Recovery

Losing your most important documents, dates or photos of your loved ones is never fun. We have the knowledge and tools to recover your lost data and are happy to teach you how to make a good backup.

Much More

At EasyComp Zeeland we actually do everything that has to do with IT & ICT. On the solution's page you will therefore find an overview of our complete range.

About EasyComp Zeeland

"We are building the digital transformation"

Your ICT & IT specialist for many years

Because of our 15 years of expertise, we know how to best meet your wishes, we come to you without obligation and explain the process to you in an understandable language. 

Why you choose EasyComp Zeeland

At EasyComp Zeeland we stand for more than just ICT and IT!  

We are also very customer-oriented and are happy to explain everything to you in an understandable language, so that you know where you stand from A to Z. Our customers appreciate our honest working method, with us, you will not get unnecessary sales pitches, for example; to buy a new computer, while you had only bought it 3 years ago and can therefore last at least 7 years! 

With us you can therefore rely on honest advice and always a solution with which you can get along and we will leave the house with peace of mind.

Pro Tips for IT Solutions

EasyComp Zeeland is also there, for the business market.

We develop and realize business solutions such as; Telephony solutions (VOIP &PBX), music systems suitable for catering and shops, cash registers (POS), Networks, hotspots and other tailor-made solutions. At EasyComp Zeeland, we put together a system according to your wishes. EasyComp Zeeland is able to develop its own hardware. In combination with software that we write especially for your customized solution, you as a business user are always assured of a maintenance-free and safe system.

Industrieën die we dienen

Manage your industrial IT Solution with us

EasyComp Zeeland draagt zorg over uw IT, zodat u zich met de belangrijkste taken van uw onderneming bezig kan houden!

Financial Services

Accountants and administrators work carefree thanks to our solutions.
Based on your data, our A.I. gives the best suggestions and keeps track of when an issue can best be done.


Companies work quickly, efficiently and safely with EasyComp Zeeland's business solutions. Whether you choose to work localhost, via an on premise server or via our EasyComp Cloud platform. Stability and safety are paramount!

Educational institutions

From fiberglass to tracking student results.
EasyComp Cloud features functions that let your track results, teach, and converse with parents via a secure encrypted video connection. 

VoIP Services & Network Infra

Accessibility the beacon of our business life. Whether it concerns your website, telecommunications, the secure connection to your home office or to the office. With our services are safe and faster than the light!

Our case studies

“The first computer dates back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple with limited memory, just one byte. And then everything crashed”.
Wij van EasyComp Zeeland willen anderen zoals u inspireren om ICT & IT voor u te laten werken en niet andersom! 

We hebben meer dan 20.000 organisaties en particulieren geholpen!

They like to tell you themselves

My computer spontaneously went down after showing a blue screen, due to a problem with the built-in video card. According to another computer store in Middelburg, this could not be repaired. And I would have been better off with a new computer. However, thanks to EasyComp Zeeland, there is a new video card in it and my computer is working fine again!
Mr. Brouwer
The service provided is excellent! We have been a regular customer at EasyComp Zeeland for a number of years. On the last visit, we had the problem that our computer stopped turning on. We thought it could no longer be repaired, on the contrary in only half an hour it worked as normal again!
Mr. Reinink
For our café we were looking for a music system, before that we ended up at EasyComp Zeeland. It delivered the system and within 3 hours everything worked perfectly! It is even possible to show video footage on various screens throughout the room.
At EasyComp Zeeland I was fantastically helped via a remote connection. All the time and very patient, clear explanation!
Mrs. van Daalen
EasyComp Zeeland tech blog

Articles from our blog

EasyComp Host launches renewed website with doubled server capacity and lower prices!

We are proud to announce that EasyComp Host has launched a revamped website with even more powerful hosting options. In addition to our new website, we have doubled the capacity of our server rack, and we are completely under our own management. This means that we are able to keep our prices as low as possible while continuing to provide our customers with the best service. As a result, we are able to offer up to 5x more than was previously the case, and all for a Zeeland price!
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Redenen waarom je je oude Mac nog niet naar de recycling hoeft te brengen, wij verlengen de levensduur van elke mac vanaf 2011!

In dit artikel hebben we beschreven waarom het ondersteunen van oudere Macs vanaf 2011 nog steeds belangrijk is. We hebben gezien dat dit kan helpen om e-waste te verminderen, de levensduur van deze producten te verlengen, financiële en tijdsbesparingen te realiseren en het vertrouwen van klanten te behouden. Daarnaast hebben we ook besproken hoe EasyComp Zeeland gebruikers van oudere Macs vanaf 2011 kan helpen door middel van hackintosh-diensten, onofficiële patches, reparatiediensten en advies en ondersteuning. Al met al is het belangrijk om te beseffen dat oudere Macs nog steeds nuttig kunnen zijn en dat het ondersteunen ervan kan helpen om een duurzamere toekomst te creëren.
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Subpostmaster campaigning forces government to set up compensation scheme and make interim payments

Subpostmaster campaign group is a step closer to achieving what it was originally set up to do as government launches compensation scheme for its members who did not receive fair payouts
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UK tech has 2.8% gender ‘wage gap’, says Hired

The wage offered to women for tech jobs in the UK is 2.8% less than offered to male counterparts – a larger gap than in the US and Canada, says Hired
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Ready for the best solution for your IT & ICT situation?

I changed my password to "incorrect". So when I forget what it is, the computer will say, "Your password is incorrect".