History of the phenomenon arcade games and video games.

There was a time when people played games in a closet, an arcade closet. For the adults among us, this was the very first introduction to the phenomenon of video games.

The first popular arcade games were early theme park games such as a shooting gallery or ball throwing game and earliest coin-swallowing devices such as future prediction or mechanical music playback devices. Although none of the games mentioned here were coin-swallowing themselves, the old 1920s theme parks (such as Coney Island in New York) were the inspiration and atmosphere for the later arcade games and halls.

In the 1930s, the first coin-swallowing pinball machines were developed. These early entertainment machines differed so far from their later electronic brethren that they were made of wood, had no vanishing pit or raised bonus surfaces on the playing surface and used a mechanical display of the points course instead of an electronic one. Around 1977, most pinball manufacturers switched to the use of fixed electronics (i.e. ingrained in a computer chip on the circuit board) for both the game operation and the score notation of the points.

ECZ CoinUP Arcade Cabinet History

Within our team we are always looking for products and ways to please you as a customer. In doing so, we listen very carefully to the wishes and questions of our customers. One of our customers came up with the question of what hardware and parts are needed to build an arcade cabinet. After we started our search in qualitative parts we immediately stumbled upon a wall. The customer in question emphatically did not want to reuse an old cabinet given that these can be very expensive but there is simply no choice in terms of new cabinets.

This brought us up to an idea and we started making a design, at the same time we wanted to make a product where the customer can choose to from an assembled model or a do it yourself (DIY) package. We will offer you a variety of options that you can customise during the ordering process.

ECZ CoinUP Arcade Cabinet stands for quality!

Material and durability

The ECZ CoinUP Arcade Cabinet is milled and laminated by a CNC cutter made of high quality wood, thus protecting the wood from moisture and other external influences. The cabinet is full-size, compact and easy to move around. Maintenance is easy due to the modular design.








Joysticks and buttons

The joysticks and buttons that we will install have been extensively tested by ourselves and are in terms of feeling equivalent to the retro cabinets of the past. In order to increase compatibility to a computer of our choice, we have chosen to use a USB Controller board, which also makes it easier to connect other peripherals such as a coin entry or a ticket system. In addition, it is of course also easier to maintain a modular design.







The display we will use in the cabinet is the ProLite E2482HS-B5, this screen features built-in speakers with good quality and the display has a response time of 1 millisecond so you won’t be bothered by delays while playing your favorite game!







The controlling computer

This is of course up to yourself given that there are too many possibilities to mention beginning at an original NEO GEO (used to be often in the old cabinets), an old computer from the attic, an ECZ Super Mini Pc I7-8565U to a Raspberry Pi everything fits







ECZ CoinUP Arcade Cabinet launch date?

Together with the production company we will soon build a number of prototypes. These prototypes will of course have to be tested extensively, here we are looking for people with a wide range of followers who want to give a show-off.

We aim to launch the ECZ CoinUP Arcade Cabinet for this year’s Christmas (2020).