About us

We develop, build and support private and business customers both at home and abroad. We make sure it gives you a great user experience. Interested? Let's talk!
EasyComp Zeeland is very customer-oriented

After all, it is not about our wishes and limitations, but about your goal and above all the possibilities within your goal!

We keep you happy by delivering reliable digital solutions

EasyComp Zeeland has been your computer specialist for 13 years, and EasyComp Zeeland focuses on you as a customer. Thanks to this 13 years of expertise we know how best to meet your wishes, we will visit you without obligation and explain the process to you in an understandable language. We take your budget into account and there is nothing to worry about, then you pay nothing at EasyComp Zeeland! No-Cure No-Pay.

EasyComp Zeeland is also there for the business market. We develop and realize business solutions such as; Telephony solutions (VOIP & PBX), music systems suitable for restaurants and shops, cash registers (POS), Networks, hotspots and other tailor-made solutions. At EasyComp Zeeland, we put together a system according to your wishes. EasyComp Zeeland is able to develop its own hardware. In combination with software that we write specifically for your custom solution, you as a business user are always assured of a maintenance-free and safe system.

All for a better environment!

As Zeeuw we live in a beautiful province that is nothing new! After all, we can be proud of the beautiful, sea-drenched landscape. EasyComp Zeeland contributes to nature by limiting the use of paper, you receive your software packages and invoices digitally.

We think along with you in the possibilities for a more efficient and lower energy consumption, the data center of EasyComp Zeeland runs exclusively on green wind energy! When we are developing Business Systems, we always look for an environmentally friendly solution. Our servers from the cloud contribute to a cleaner province and a cleaner world.